Integrity, Honor, Discipline... A Place for Dancers

For years, the Ballet Foundation has integrated principles of character into the classical ballet training curriculum. Our facebook page has over 30,000 followers- including professional dancers, teachers, directors, students and parents from literally all over the world. This blog is a place to post and organize the articles we have posted about technique, artistry, being an exceptional student, directing/coaching and teaching AND a place for parents to find information about how to best support and invest in this passion of their child.

At Ballet Foundation we love to provide opportunity! Whether it be commissioning a choreographer to do something new and challenging, or allowing a student to perform a role they dream of. Perhaps it’s teaching advanced dancers how to teach, or giving performance outreach opportunities that allow artists to give back to the community. We want to share opportunity, our love for ballet and invest in the future of ballet by creating a dialogue across the world connecting dancers.

We also, realize that as young dancers train, there is a large possibility they will do something else with the majority of their life. Very few young students decide to or are able to make ballet a career- so we began to add focus on the things that benefit one from a training background in classical ballet no matter what path life took them on. While not watering down the actual ballet training by any means- we simply added elements of character to the focus in the classroom and as we mentor the dancers into adulthood.

We are excited you are here!